Pricing & Payment

NOTE:  There is a secure credit/debit card payment portal link (or PayPal Payment) at the bottom of this page that can be used to pay in advance if you wish (after we have discussed your project details) or you can pay after the signing with credit card, Venmo, or PayPal.

For documents that are company-related, real estate-related or for your profession, the fee for setting up and executing the videochat, printing the signed document, and notarizing, scanning and emailing the notarized document to you, it is $80. For all other personal documents, the fee is $65. The fees noted include up to 5 pages with black-and-white printing. Color printing and documents that are more than 5 pages are $1.75 per page for color and $1.25 per page for black-and-white.

If required, we can Fedex the original of the notarized document to a NY location for $55 to cover shipping and handling. Note: If your signature also needs to be an original on the final document and not a digital signature, then you would need to Fedex or mail your original, traditionally-signed document to us after the videochat (within 30 days), along with a copy of the scanned version. The fee for this additional phase would then be $75 (instead of $55)  and would include an additional notarization of your original document.

We can meet at your home, apartment lobby, office, quiet cafe or FedEx facility. There is no physical office available for notary service only. See separate section below for Apostille Processing Fees (which includes related notarizations).

Rate for Simple Documents for Personal Use (does not include Corporate Documents or Company-Paid Projects, Self-Attestation of Copies, Prenup Agreements, Estate Planning or Real Estate/Property* Documents. See next section below for that fee): $75 for the first notarization and Manhattan mobile notary service and $2 per additional notarization/per person notarized. Printing costs are priced separately based on the size of your document. (Credit or debit card payments are $3 additional).

Rate for Company/Organization Documents and More Complex or Involved Documents (Corporate Documents or Company-Paid, Self-Attestation of Copies, Estate Planning, Prenup Agreements, and Real Estate or Property Documents): $85 for first notarization and mobile notary service and $2 per additional notarization/per person notarized. Printing costs are priced separately based on the size of your document. (Credit or debit card payments are $3 additional).

*Note: At this time, we cover Manhattan only, and up to 100th St. Locations within 2 blocks of the Hudson River or East River include a small $8 surcharge. “Estate Planning documents” also include notarizing an affidavit on a Will. “Real Estate/Property Documents” do NOT include “bank-related closing real estate documents,” which we are not currently notarizing.

Printing: (requires a few hours notice, preferably one day before): $2.50 for the first page and $1.25 for each additional page.


To have an attorney certify a copy of a document as “a true copy,” the fee is $325. Additional certified copies provided at the same time are $175 each.

To then also get the certified copy document (certified as a true copy by an attorney) notarized and apostilled, please see the fees below to add to the fee above.


New York Apostille Processing (includes Notarizations):

Individual Rate for Apostille Processing: $275 for apostille processing of one document. Includes notarization and notarizing signer  (or obtaining the documents from you for a NYC birth or death certificates that do not require notarization).
See Pickup/Delivery Options three paragraphs below (can add 1 day to schedule).
Albany Round-Trip Shipping: +$50
Additional NY Apostilles: +$75 each (volume discounts for 3 or more)
(Our fee includes the county and state fees that are part of this process).

Corporate/Organization Rate for Apostille Processing: $325 for regular, 2-day (48-hour) apostille processing for one document. Includes notarization and notarizing signer at your Manhattan office (or picking up the documents from you if for a NY State Secretary of State-signed Certificate of Incorporation that doesn’t require notarization).
See Pickup/Delivery Options two paragraphs below (some options can add 1 day to schedule)
Albany Round-Trip Shipping: +$50
Additional NY Apostilles: +$125 each (volume discounts for more than 3)
(Our fee includes the county and state fees that are part of this process).

Pickup/Delivery Options for Final Apostilled Documents (no extra fee for pickup at our 24/7 pickup location in Union Square by you or a messenger). 4 available delivery options (first two options may add 1 day to schedule):

1. $50 for FedEx next-day delivery or hand delivery (sometimes same day) to your home or office within NYC (other locations can be quoted), or
2. You can also provide us with a paid FedEx or UPS airbill to cover the shipping and there would be a $15 shipping handling fee.
3. Or, if you want us to ship it to another state or country for you, please provide the shipping info (with phone number and contact name/company to eventually use) and we can quote you the shipping (plus a handling fee of $25. Shipping time ranges from FedEx Overnight (Priority or Standard), 2 Day, to 3-day FedEx Saver. For international shipments, we usually use International Priority, which is typically cheaper than Economy for documents, and usually takes 1-3 days, depending on the country and city it’s going to).


Fee to Obtain your Certified Marriage Certificate at NY City Clerk’s Office: $180 if ordering and obtaining your certified certificate as part of an apostille project (see additional pricing for actual Apostille processing fee). $225 if done as a separate job with no further work needed (plus any shipping required/see Delivery options above). The fees listed above include the City Clerk’s fee for processing.


Payment Methods: If we have arranged for you to pay on our website, you can pay for this NY notary and apostille service with the secure “Buy Now” payment system below OR on location with cash, Venmo, company check, credit card, or at Payment must be made at, or before, the time of service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not make any payments before documents have been reviewed or we have finalized all details of your project and provided the final payment amount.

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